Saturday, August 14, 2010

OoooOOOohhhhh NoooOOOOoooooo!!!!

Sorry about the wailing and gnashing of teeth but school starts on Monday and one of us is in full blown pout and whine mode because school means a schedule and deadlines and supposed to's and have to's and shoulds and watching the clock and setting an alarm five days a week which is just gross, hateful and dumb. No more lounging around watching television all afternoon or staying up on the computer until the wee hours.

Gah. Back to school! I mean really? It's the freakin' middle of August! School? What-EVER. What the Hell? I think there is a republican conspiracy against summer and just hanging out with friends.

Beav on the other hand seems excited about school starting, a little apprehensive because he has to deal with his nemesis Algebra but excited about getting his sophomore year started. He's probably happy to be getting away from his 49 going on 15 mom.

I remember when I was excited school was starting. Standing at the gate of the elementary school, those first years balancing a baby or a toddler on my hip while the big self important older brother marched into school disappearing to do mysterious older brother things. Then the little brother joined him for one glorious year they were in the same school. Most of my mommy friends cried the day their youngest child marched into the elementary school. I did a little happy dance. Beav was a challenge to entertain.

I didn't cry until last year when Beav started high school. Let's hope I can keep it together when he goes away to college in a few years.


sammy said...

I hate the deadlines and doldrums of the school year too..and did the happy dance 4 times when kindergarten started. However laid in bed and cried for a week as they each move out.
Two down, nope, one came back...ok, NOW two down. Ahh nope the other came back,, w a baby. Now I'm two up. Oh well might as well enjoy it. I love having them around really

EdgyJuneCleaver said...

This comment is perhaps one of the funniest things I've read in weeks! I've missed you!