Monday, August 2, 2010

Bless Her Heart

We went out to breakfast mid-morning today and after breakfast we went to the little Russian grocery store about a mile from here. Our ‘hood sounds like it would be all tree lined and charming like Queens where you see little old Jewish women pushing shopping carts. But it’s not, it’s an inner tier suburb with old strip malls built around the time Nixon was president. We have Arabic, Ethiopian, Indian and Russian markets within a mile of our home and two miles away is an Asian store the size of Walmart. TG wanted to make a German style cucumber and onion salad so we needed specific vinegar. Not just any old white vinegar or apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar but a strong German vinegar. First of all, I didn’t know you could get stronger vinegar. This stuff is strong so what she doesn’t use in the salad I’m going to keep in the first aid kit to cleanse wounds and with my paints to clean brushes. While she was looking for the vinegar I was naturally salivating hankering after the sweets and cookies.

And I scored. Really scored with Russian Moon Pies. On the way home TG asked me what was in them. I confessed I didn’t know but it looked like they possessed every a Moon Pie does but the banana flavoring and that little touch of lemon in the cookie. It was at this point she let out a sad sad truth about herself that almost broke my Texas born heart into tiny Rhode Island sized pieces.

“I’ve never had a Moon Pie.”

Bless her heart.

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