Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting The Facts Straight

image from Creative Commons by jag64551 "Peek-a-boo"


I pride myself on telling the truth on my blog so of course getting facts wrong calls for an immediate correction. I received an email from Dad this morning, it was beautiful note and one I will treasure always. He told me how much he had enjoyed reading my blog from start to finish but he did have a bone to pick with me. It seems I had always had the story of how M and Mom had become friends all wrong like my whole life. I have included a cut and paste of the truth, names have been shortened to protect my family's privacy:

One critique....M didn't stand with us at our wedding. That was R and RK, who have long ago divorced and gone their separate ways. . .M's husband R and I also worked together at ---- and played sports together. Your mother and I met M the day before we got married. Both ladies had to have blood test and physicals before we could get a marriage license. R and I were spared that because we were in the AF....We met M while waiting in the Doctor's office. We were married on April 2 and they were married on April 5. We were immediately "adopted" by M's family. Her mother was a jewel, and had the greatest sense of humor. She loved to tease me.

Ok, so they didn't witness one another's weddings so I guess I can use that detail in a future novel because it didn't really happen. But you have to admit it's still very dear how my mother became life long friends with a woman she met in a doctor's waiting room.

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