Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday was the last day of our vacation. It was one of the most interesting, relaxing and enjoyable vacations I've ever had. But then, the vacations with TG just keep getting better and better. Here are some of the highlights and I promise I won't blog about Mexico again until February 2010.

We took a wild ferry trip made complete by the 25 foot swells crashing into the side of the boat as we were keeled at an angle I've only experienced on a sailboat. The image isn't mine it's from the Cozumel Cruise Excursion web site.

Enjoyed lunch at "Cannibal Piggy Cafe" in San Miguel

Visited ruins

A beach which made me appreciate The Girl's sense of adventure and fearless approach to a third world country and so we don't have to stay at resorts.
One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World
Dzitnup Cenote

A Spanish C0lonial town

explored the other side of Puerto Morelos aka "The Colonia"
I dipped a toe in at the Cancun flea market. This picture doesn't do it justice. It was busy and crowded. Fun!

ate beautiful food
read lovely books
Made a new dog friend.This is Ratz, he is a giant schnauzer black lab mix and just about the cutest thing you've ever seen. If we stopped throwing the stick or coconut into the water for him, he would give us a sharp bark.

This dog adopted us.I dubbed him Wayne because he had a medallion on his collar proclaiming him to be a peaceful creature who would not harm another creature. The Wayne Dyer of beach dogs. He just showed up at Abby'sand started following The Girl around.

Watched the world go by

We got too much sun on a couple of days and not enough sun on others but we still snorkeled to the Ojo Aqua a magic place where the Earth opens and fresh water bubbles up into the sea. A direct underground path from a cenote miles away in the jungle.

I overcame a fear of barracudas but not crocodiles

We watched our new president ask us to work hard together for a better future.
The most amazing thing I experienced was a dead calm sea (coincidentally on January 20th). Waves weren't breaking over the reef in the distance so the lovely roar of the sea was absent. Waves were lapping the shore, as if the Caribbean had become a lake.
I've returned to this lovely scene a couple of times since we left Mexico. Last night it was bumpy over Texas so I conjured up the scene while I listened to Tibetan Singing Bowls on my ipod. It came in handy a couple of hours later as Wally rehearsed to me how I MUST fix his car, his computer and buy him a new phone because he wasn't going to bother finding a job. Fortunately, recalling the singing bowls are easy and I was able to tune out his self entitled diatribe as well as picture the lovely, calm sea.

I'm unpacking today. The Girl has mad packing skilz so she is assigned to putting our belongings together. I'm studied and disciplined when it comes to taking things out of the suitcase and doing the laundry so my job is unpacking. Sort of doing the vacation dishes. After cleaning everything out, I reassembled the Mexico bag--warm weather clothing, snorkeling gear, kitchen tools--because we only have 372 days until we leave for our next trip! ¡tanto ser hecho!

Like learning Spanish.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Rough Guide

I bet you saw that picture of TG's walking stick and you thought: "Oh my! who knew June would rough it in Mexico" Sure, yeah...roughing it. Between the wifi and the ipod singing from it's little home; it's more comfortable than my house. The only reason TG fashioned a walking stick from a found branch is for protection against a couple of renegade beach dogs--Black and Tan--who have attacked people. Beach dogs are a rough looking lot. Think Oliver Twist in a dog's body. Many are adopted as pets and frankly, the strays who have been passed over are jealous; you can see it in their forlorn expressions as the better tended mutts pass by their wild brothers and sisters.

It's overcast but warm. This morning, The Girl and I walked into town, foraging for breakfast, fresh tortillas for a few days and fresh chicken for dinner. We found all that we needed.

The first few days in PM, the quarter mile walk into town is an hour long event for me. TG is patient with my picture taking. Today, was no exception. I have about 2000 doorway pictures and added one more to my collection.

After I asked in my pathetic Spanish (a mixture of precognitive gestures and nursery words) to take a picture the tiniest woman led me back through her courtyard to her pride and joy. A magnificent creche, a lovely Christmas tree and a permanent altar to Our Lady of Guadalupe. My patron saint. I think it's the legend which surrounds her. You have to love a woman who descends into the desert and gives you roses.
I was hesitant to take a picture of these things but she turned on the twinkly lights and pushed me forward, pointing to my camera.

not a great picture but you get the idea...

Her attitude was quite different from the lecture I received--after a stair picture--on Santorini a few years ago. I don't have a clue what that Greek woman said to me but I'm sure it would set off a net nanny.

The morning was quiet, little traffic on the street, the work hadn't begun on the condominium project across the street. Now my Beethoven is punctuated by a tile saw and bird calls. The sun threatens to burst onto the scene. The Girl has made a lovely pico and guac snack before we take a bike ride out towards the mangroves to the north.

What a rough life, eh?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Tina Barney: "The Girlfriend Project"

As usual, it's Wednesday night and I'm up way way too late on a school night. My inner 8 year old whines about early bed time: "But I did housework and sewing and cooked dinner! I deserve to stay up late and play on the internets!" Of course I cave into the whining minx living in my head. I'm looking at fabric for a couple of chairs, lusting after a spring outfit, researching a project dealing with contemporary photography (which explains the Barney piece at the top and a Perez Siquier below). None of these things are pressing. I have clothes, I'm not recovering the chairs in the next week and I have project ideas coming out of my ears. What am I supposed to be doing? The last thing on today's "to-do list" was nursing research. I'm supposed to be researching anorexia and "refeeding syndrome" for my unit newsletter. Woo. Hoo. Fabric is so much more interesting than electrolyte derangement. Writing this week's blog? Riveting!

I also find myself straying to this place, saying my six more days mantra.
We will be just south of the northern most airplane symbol. And no, Wally and the Beaver aren't joining us for two reasons: School and I'm selfish. The latter being the most salient reason they are staying behind and "enjoying" two extra weeks of winter.

For a few days I will be the Whitest Woman In Mexico. The first time we met our favorite bartender--Sara--she sagely nodded her head, looking me up and down: "You just got here, didn't you." The other night we were watching House Hunters International and an English family was contemplating buying a home in the DR. The English people were whiter than I am. I live in a place which enjoys 360 days of sun; they live in a place where the sun might shine 5 days a year. Indeed, I am The Whitest Woman On The Planet. But in about a week I will look like this woman, sans the wig and white eyeshadow. Isn't she cool? I bet she had some great stories about the Franco family and Picasso. I hope she has sun screen all over her arms, those pits are going to be sore tomorrow morning! Perez Siquier: "Muneca"

We started packing on Sunday. I'm surprised the suitcases aren't closed and in the back of the car. We remind me of Kipper doing his leash dance when the word "walk" is uttered. The word "vacation" makes us giddy. You can see how giddy TG was in Texas last summer.
I'm so ready for this trip, my carry-on is packed. Years ago, my first ex-husband (yeah, I have two: call me Elizabeth Taylor) taught me to pack a change of clothes in my backpack. Brilliant. Emergency change of clothes equals shorts, tee-shirt, dainties, two pairs of shoes and a bathing suit. Because really that's all you need when you go to Mexico. Except in our case you need tongs, a cheese grater and saran wrap. Much like my obsession with taking at least six pairs of shoes no matter how long I'll be away from home; TG needs her favorite kitchen tools. I willingly pander to this quirk because she is a fabulous cook. I'm not sure why she panders to my shoe obsession. My guess is it's easier to tease me about it and work around all the damn shoes than try to talk me out of them.
Next week, if I can uncurl my fingers from around my beer, hoist my fat ass into the casita, I will blog about our first few days in Puerto Morelos. Hopefully, I'll be hearing from Molly because I won an awesome printer!
Adios Amigas y Amigos!