Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday was the last day of our vacation. It was one of the most interesting, relaxing and enjoyable vacations I've ever had. But then, the vacations with TG just keep getting better and better. Here are some of the highlights and I promise I won't blog about Mexico again until February 2010.

We took a wild ferry trip made complete by the 25 foot swells crashing into the side of the boat as we were keeled at an angle I've only experienced on a sailboat. The image isn't mine it's from the Cozumel Cruise Excursion web site.

Enjoyed lunch at "Cannibal Piggy Cafe" in San Miguel

Visited ruins

A beach which made me appreciate The Girl's sense of adventure and fearless approach to a third world country and so we don't have to stay at resorts.
One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World
Dzitnup Cenote

A Spanish C0lonial town

explored the other side of Puerto Morelos aka "The Colonia"
I dipped a toe in at the Cancun flea market. This picture doesn't do it justice. It was busy and crowded. Fun!

ate beautiful food
read lovely books
Made a new dog friend.This is Ratz, he is a giant schnauzer black lab mix and just about the cutest thing you've ever seen. If we stopped throwing the stick or coconut into the water for him, he would give us a sharp bark.

This dog adopted us.I dubbed him Wayne because he had a medallion on his collar proclaiming him to be a peaceful creature who would not harm another creature. The Wayne Dyer of beach dogs. He just showed up at Abby'sand started following The Girl around.

Watched the world go by

We got too much sun on a couple of days and not enough sun on others but we still snorkeled to the Ojo Aqua a magic place where the Earth opens and fresh water bubbles up into the sea. A direct underground path from a cenote miles away in the jungle.

I overcame a fear of barracudas but not crocodiles

We watched our new president ask us to work hard together for a better future.
The most amazing thing I experienced was a dead calm sea (coincidentally on January 20th). Waves weren't breaking over the reef in the distance so the lovely roar of the sea was absent. Waves were lapping the shore, as if the Caribbean had become a lake.
I've returned to this lovely scene a couple of times since we left Mexico. Last night it was bumpy over Texas so I conjured up the scene while I listened to Tibetan Singing Bowls on my ipod. It came in handy a couple of hours later as Wally rehearsed to me how I MUST fix his car, his computer and buy him a new phone because he wasn't going to bother finding a job. Fortunately, recalling the singing bowls are easy and I was able to tune out his self entitled diatribe as well as picture the lovely, calm sea.

I'm unpacking today. The Girl has mad packing skilz so she is assigned to putting our belongings together. I'm studied and disciplined when it comes to taking things out of the suitcase and doing the laundry so my job is unpacking. Sort of doing the vacation dishes. After cleaning everything out, I reassembled the Mexico bag--warm weather clothing, snorkeling gear, kitchen tools--because we only have 372 days until we leave for our next trip! ¡tanto ser hecho!

Like learning Spanish.

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