Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Domestic Bliss /dripping sarcasm

The Girl is installing the kitchen floor and it's going to look grand. I helped cut the crappy vinyl and the fabulous Armstrong Solarium Linoleum underneath. I don't try to help with the tile and the grout, it doesn't go so well. We tried to demolish the old floor by hand for about thirty minutes and had peeled away exactly six square inches. Thankfully The Big Orange Store had a tool for the job and this proved the better plan. I can now include "operation of Linoleum cutter" on my resume in case maintenance is included in my job description.

In the meantime, I'm continuing to work in the garden and gathered my first bouquet this morning. First light is early and I love sleeping with the windows open so the light greets me early.

Despite the snow on the mountains, I think it's finally safe to say spring is here.

Poor Kipper is trapped inside the house while we work outside he suggests you stop by and rescue him so he himself on a walk.

Wally has exactly four more days of school and despite his best effort to NOT graduate, he will indeed possess a high school diploma. The Beav is on his way to high school and I never ever have to set foot in that stupid middle school again as long as I live. I'm considering having a beer in the parking lot next Wednesday after the Continuation just for the Hell of it because I'm really a fifteen year old with ODD.

Tomorrow I'm smashing plates and tiles for a mosaic counter top.

Bliss, it's bliss I tell you.

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