Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Best. Day. Off. Ever.

"JuneJuneJuneJune have you lost your mind?" my readers are muttering to themselves. "You hate snow and you especially hate snow when the rest of the country is enjoying spring flowers and warm temperatures, maybe a soft rain. Wait a minute! This is a wacky April Fools post, isn't it? . . ."

Despite the weather, I count this as my best day off ever spent at home. The real best day off better is a tie between Ephesus and January 21, 2009 when the sea was so calm it was like heaven. Anyhow, why such a great day? Because it was perfect.

1. I actually got The Beav to school on time without having to break the sound barrier. As an added bonus he was awake and getting ready for school when I went to awaken him (!)

2. The gym. I love going to the gym now. My body hurts but it feels good to move. Perhaps I'll see some results in a few months. (I was going to write about the gym this week but I got distracted)

3. I listened to podcasts rather than disco music while I worked out so I fed my brain

4. I pampered my soul today. I had an inspiration to make a friend's baby gift and I finished it. (why yes, I have friends young enough to have babies with all of their chromosomes intact!)

Isn't the cover pretty? It's actually for a baby girl. What a joy it was to make scrapbook pages with flowers and butterflies and bunnies and girly things! I've hit a wall with my own scrapbooks because I'm sick of boy stuff.

This is my desk before it was completely out of control. At one point it looked like my crack dealer's sticker and paper sections had puked on my desk.

5. My heart was nourished when an old friend called just to say "I was thinking about you and thought I would call." What a beautiful gift to know someone faraway is thinking of you. Our conversation lightened the bleak snowy afternoon.

6. I have time to take a bath and soak in the tub with a historical romance I received (in a round about way) from Lisa.

7. I took the time to create my own pages in my art journal. Sometimes I forget it's OK to create something for myself.

Next week, I promise to tell you about the Characters at my gym.

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